• Affiliation No: PP01
  • School Type: Elementary School
  • Board: Pre-School
  • Number of Students: 5
  • Number of Teachers: 5
  • Campus Size: 5 (Acres)
  • Number of Classrooms: 5
  • Board Results: 100%
  • Co-Education:
  • Fees: 0 - 0
  • Grade: Not Provided
  • Teacher:Student: 1:10
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School Timing :
5 am - 5 pm
Computer Lab :
Not Available
AC Classroom :
Not Available
Swimming Pool :
Not Available
Indoor Games :
Not Available
Canteen :
Not Available
Gym :
Not Available
Dance Room :
Not Available
Library :
Not Available
Science Lab :
Not Available
Sports Complex :
Not Available
Medical Aid :
Not Available
Transport Facility :
Not Available
Music Room :
Not Available
Hostel :
Playground :
Not Available
Math Lab :
Not Available
Auditorium :
Not Available

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About EuroKids JP Nagar 7th Phase

Launched in 2001, we rapidly changed the face of Pre-School education in the country. Our success, as one of the leading education services provider in the category raised the expectations of many hopeful parents, who were keen to see their children continue to blossom under our guidance.

This inspired us to start EuroSchool which today has grown to 10 K-12 schools in 6 cities. With over 17 awards, we are setting new benchmarks by REINVENTING EDUCATION.
EuroKids pre-schools is one of the leading preschools in India, specializing in early childhood education and preschool programs. The preschool is the child’s first experience away from the parents and it’s a huge leap for both the parents as well as for the child.
EuroKids helps in this transition from home to preschool by ensuring its ‘Child-First’ ideology is at the core of all initiatives, with all efforts directed towards providing a from fun learning experience in a secure, warm, friendly & hygienic environment which becomes the child’s second home.

School Details

Not Provided

Encouraging parent’s participation

We have a unique family partnership program whereby the child’s family members partner him in the learning process. We send periodic feedback to keep the parents informed about the child’s performance in the Pre-school. Besides, to encourage the family’s active participation, we keep organizing events and programs throughout the year in which parents can also take part and enjoy with their child!
Parent’s involvement in the events like:

Father’s day (Father and child activities):
Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.
sports will be conducted for parents and winner won the T-shirt called “Super Dad” and a memento was given.
Over all it was the day for all EuroFather’

Grand Parent’s day (Grandparent and grandchild):
This was an exclusive day for the Grand Parent and the Grand Child. Grandparent’s are our heritage and is essential member of our families and communities.
Euro Music (Music session with Mother and the child):
Euro Music offers your child a musical learning that involves every aspect of your child’s growth and development: language, motor skills, social skills, cognitive development, emotional growth, and musicality.
Joy of Giving (Contribution from parents to the orphanage):
 “Contribution of Joy”
Children who fail to meet the minimum acceptable standard of living for the nation where that child lives are said to be poor.

Awarded best euro kids for the year 2016-2017.

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This pre school has been the best in JP Nagar and my child is happy learning a lot with friends.

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