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Digital Scoring

The chairman CBSE, Shri R K Chaturvedi unveiled the latest venture of the board: DIGI-SCORING at a meeting of city coordinators held in the city today.
Digi scoring was used for the first time in the board for successfully capturing   responses marked on the OMR sheets using image based technology during the recruitment examination of Principals and Assistant Commissioners of NVS which concluded just recently.   
The new Digi scoring process is a clear departure from the earlier system of  centre wise packing the OMR sheets for evaluation ,manually transporting the sheets from across the country to CBSE with utmost care and confidentiality ,setting up of scanning machines at secure places for data capturing and evaluation which involves at least 20-25 days for pre result processes.
Shri R K Chaturvedi, informed that Digi scoring allowed the data of each examinee to be secured in a temper proof format without losing precious time. The OMR sheets were scanned in the presence of Centre Superintendent, Centre Observer, four witnesses and board representative, who certified and signed the report. 
The images from each exam centre were uploaded on the central server of the board immediately .This process is cost efficient in terms of time and finances explained Shri Chaturvedi. The result will be prepared with accuracy, transparency and speed much ahead of the usual time frame. CBSE is already an active partner in the ongoing ‘Digital India Program’, and is on board for Digital Locker, National Scholarship Portal and DGET Portal.
The success story of this pilot test has emboldened the board to replicate this technology in other examinations also.