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CBSE allows diabetic students to have snacks during exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has allowed diabetic students appearing for Board examinations to take snacks during examinations. 

What did the study reveal?

The order comes following chairperson of the Delhi Diabetes Research Centre, Dr. Ashok Jhingan's approach to the board with the results of a study conducted on Kendriya Vidyalaya students.

The study found that patients who depend on insulin injections suffer from headaches, irritability and confusion because of their low sugar levels.

On the basis of the study, four KV schools had allowed the students with type-1 diabetes to have a mid exam snack.

Views of chairperson, Delhi Diabetes Research Centre:

"These children need insulin half an hour before eating, which means between 6.30 am and 7.30 am,"  Dr Jhingan said, "Without the snack between 9am and 10am, their sugar level could drop, leaving them irritable and unable to concentrate on their studies."

"If the exam starts at 10 am, then it means the children have their insulin shots at around 8.30 am," Jhingan said.

There is a fall in the performance level of the diabetic students after 11 am for a three-hour long exam starting at 10 am, he added.

Apart from allowing the students to have snacks during three hours examination, the CBSE will send out a notice advising principals to allow the same during regular school hours.

Views of CBSE chairman:

"We are working out the details," RK Chaturvedi, chairman of CBSE, said, "We will probably issue a detailed circular on the matter in the coming week."

In India, there are four lakh students with Type-1 diabetes, of which 14,000 stay in the National Capital Region (NCR).

- with inputs from TOI

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